Relational Therapy

Relationships are essential to living and they give us opportunities to grown, heal, and learn.

Psychotherapy is a special relationship of self-investment where you can learn to honestly reflect upon your innermost needs and feelings to make the best decisions for an optimum quality of life. Relational Therapy is a psychodynamic psychotherapy approach that emphasizes the therapeutic relationship as a practice to help you meet your potential in love and work.


It’s very interactive and involves exploring transference (your feelings in relationships based on your experience) and sometimes countertransference (what the therapist experiences with you). Relational Therapy can be a refreshing way to gain insight in your experience in relationships in a safe, confidential environment outside of your life.
Some general goals are:
  • Helping you to understanding the difference between past and present
  • Guiding you to see how you structure your current world and life
  • Developing mindfulness and what it feels like to be“present”
  • What problems we create for ourselves
  • Building your awareness around your feelings and subjectivity
  • Looking at the development of healthy and maladaptive habits based on your personality structure

Sessions are at least once weekly but can be up to three times weekly depending on your curiosity and needs.

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