Couples Therapy

Improving intimacy by identifying habits that obstruct relating and diffusing miscommunication while developing healthier communication techniques.

In couples therapy we use a family systems approach with clear goals based on whether you want to deepen intimacy, decrease stress in the relationship or family, or mediate co-parenting through a separation. Using family systems approach and solution focused techniques, I help guide couples in understanding how they began to become disconnected with each other and what they need to do to build a relationship based on trust and insight.

Homework is encouraged to integrate what is being learned in the sessions into your everyday life. We do some or all of the following:

  • Exploring your family, relationship, and cultural history
  • Breaking down the timeline of how the disconnect or fighting started and what issues may be underlying or unaddressed
  • Looking at what habits can be changed and what cannot
  • Identification of family stress management techniques
  • For couples looking to reconcile or deepen their bond we discuss date nights.

We are all individuals but we often seek in others what we didn’t get or what we aspire to be. However it’s often the very differences that attracted us to one another that is the main inertia for conflict. Once you add a major life stressor such as a death in the family, birth of a first or second child, in law family loyalty issues, or work life balance issues, it’s often how we make it through that has us moving closer or farther way from each other.

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