Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Obtaining tools to correct maladaptive thoughts by understanding the beliefs and emotions affecting them.

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) we look at how your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are connected and influence each other. CBT is an evidenced based treatment which means it’s an empirically proven approach to treating depression and anxiety, and to other types of group stress responses. It’s usually time limited and based on solution focused goals that we develop together. We discuss diagnosis and homework is given based on one or all of three areas:

  • Cognitive Processing – Identifying and correcting problematic thought
  • Body Muscle Tension and Relaxation – Using voice guidance techniques to help you develop awareness around tension, breathing, and relaxing your response to stress.
  • Exposure Therapy – Utilizing various techniques to change your relationship with how your experience your stress response. For example for panic attacks we may used hyperventilation to mimic the physical sensations and lessen their effects, or with for PTSD we may help you create a narrative to alter the self blaming and fear associations you have, and restructure your memories of the trauma.

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