Career Stress Management

Learning to visualize growth and be
proactive in managing career stress.

Success depends mostly on finding what you love and doing it but it also involves really reflecting on what kind of lifestyle you want now and in the future. However, sometimes the stress of ambition of living in NYC or pressure of other people’s expectations can lead to overwhelming feelings. Being connected through technology 24-7, constant travel for work, conflicts or discrimination in the workplace, increase in workloads and a decrease in benefits, and finding a work life balance can push us to our limits and make stepping up in life much more challenging

Together we can help you gain confidence and focus in your career though visualization techniques, identifying emotional obstacles and if necessary I will train you using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to decrease your fight or flight response to stress so that you can get back to the work of moving beyond surviving to thriving in the work world.

We may also look at what unhealthy patterns and habits you could be repeating from old environments or relationships  but also what you may be doing right.

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